Does walking into a wine shop seem a bit daunting and confusing with all the different types of wines and terms people use to explain them? Do you only like certain types of wines, but don’t exactly understand why? Or, would you just be interested in expanding your basic understanding and knowledge of wines? If so, the come to our Wine 101 class at Broad St. wines. As we taste the wines, we’ll walk thru all the basics in regards to terminology and wine styles, like:

What does dry and sweet mean?
What does body mean when referring to a wine?
What difference does different oak styles make on a wines?
What are tannins and how do they affect a wines?
What is acidity?
What’s the difference between Old vs. New World wines?
This is just a portion of what we’ll be covering, so please come join us at our Wine 101 class and we’ll have you talking like a Sommelier in no time so that you can be confident when making an informed decision to buy wine.

Introduction to Wine 101
Date: February 8
Location: Broad Street Wines
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Cost: $5/person
Extras: 10% Discount for all wine purchases or order that night.