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Rose Pop Up Wines

Mark your calendars, May 10 at 4pm. Pick your favorite taste and celebrate this Mother’s Day with a delightful Rosé! Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Rosé wines exploring a curated selection of blushing beauties from around the globe.

Domaine Elisa Gueneau Sancerre Rosé

This exquisite Sancerre Rosé, crafted by the Gueneau family, is a testament to their generations-long dedication to organic viticulture and respect for the terroir. Made with 100% Pinot Noir grapes grown on 35-year-old vines at a 740ft elevation, this limited-production wine offers a truly unique taste. Aged for 6 months in stainless steel on lees, it boasts a vibrant bouquet of red berries and citrus, followed by a crisp and refreshing palate with a touch of minerality. While its limited availability may make it a well-kept secret, this Rosé is sure to captivate the senses of any discerning wine lover.

Domaine Elisa Gueneau Sancerre Rosé wine

Domaine Marion Pral Beaujolais Rosé

Nestled amidst the golden stone landscapes of the Pays des Pierres Dorées, Domaine Marion Pral crafts wines that are a true reflection of their terroir. This family-run estate, with generations of experience, cultivates 45 acres of vines using sustainable, ecological practices. Hand-harvested grapes grown on sun-drenched, granite-based slopes are the foundation for this light and fresh Beaujolais. Delightful aromas of strawberry, cherry, and fresh-cut roses entice the senses, while the palate is met with a refreshing vibrancy that makes this wine a perfect choice for any occasion.

Domaine Marion Pral Beaujolais Rosé wine

Pinia Rosé

Born amidst the fragrant embrace of the Pinia Forest, this Corsican Rosé captures the essence of its unique terroir. Our vineyards thrive on the eastern coast, a stone’s throw from the turquoise waters of the Urbinu pond and the iconic white sand beaches. Imagine a glass swirling with a vibrant pink hue, hinting at the sun-kissed grapes used in its creation. The first sip is a burst of freshness, with notes of citrus dancing alongside juicy red and white fruits. This is Pinia Rosé, a taste of paradise bottled, perfect for sipping on a sun-drenched terrace or enjoying with light summer fare.

Pinia Rosé wine

Gönc Winery Rosé Cuvée Anna

From the heart of Slovenia, Gönc Winery crafts this captivating Rosé Cuvée Anna, a testament to their commitment to minimal intervention winemaking. Fourth-generation winemaker Peter Gönc brings a touch of rebellion to tradition, crafting wines that are both innovative and deeply rooted in their terroir. This Rosé is a delightful expression of the Slovenian landscape, offering a taste akin to a southern French Provençal. Expect vibrant aromatics and a refreshing minerality, perfectly balanced by the unique character of the Žametna Črnina grape varietal, believed to be the oldest living vine in the world. This is a wine that defies expectations and invites exploration with every sip.

Gönc Winery Rosé Cuvée Anna wine

Cicada’s Song Rosé

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Cicada’s Song Rosé embodies the spirit of the Mediterranean. This Provençal wine, born from the careful selection of old vines and the finest juices, offers a taste of pure summer joy. Imagine a glass filled with a vibrant pink hue, hinting at the sun-kissed grapes used in its creation. The first sip is an invitation to slow down and savor the moment, with its refreshing acidity and notes of ripe berries and citrus dancing on the palate. Just like the cicada’s song, this Rosé is a reminder to embrace the simple pleasures in life, whether enjoying a lazy afternoon with friends or indulging in a delicious meal. Cicada’s Song is a taste of place, a sip of sunshine bottled, and a testament to the passion of Nathalie and Henri DeWulf Coquelle.

Cicada's Song Rosé wine

Freak of Nature Natural Rosé

Freak of Nature Natural Rosé is a unique and unexpected expression of Tempranillo grapes, crafted by Blanca Muro, the visionary leader of Bodegas San Isidro, the world’s largest organic cooperative winery in the heart of La Mancha, Spain. This innovative wine challenges expectations, urging you to shake the bottle before pouring and embark on a sensory adventure.

Hand-harvested grapes undergo a gentle pressing and spend 4 hours on the skins, infusing the wine with a vibrant pink hue and hints of strawberry. Cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks preserves the wine’s freshness, while the lees contact adds a touch of complexity. Unfiltered and bottled with zero intervention, this Rosé offers a taste of pure nature, bursting with aromas of strawberries and grapefruit and a palate that is both lively and refreshingly bitter. Serve chilled and prepare to be surprised by the beauty of the unexpected.

Freak of Nature Natural Rosé wine