Please join us Friday, Dec. 23 as Robert Braswell from Tryon Distributing will be here to present a variety of wines that are perfect for the holidays. Included in the tasting are DeLoach Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley in California and Wallace Brooks Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley of Oregon. For Port lovers or those who would like to try it, Noval Black


About our featured wines

Deloach Chardonnay Wine

Chardonnay Russian River Valley 2009

Our 2009 selection was crafted from a blend of grapes from premium vineyards in the heart of the Russian River Valley. Carefully tended vines yield fruit of exemplary quality; it is a pure expression of the valley’s terroir. Polishing a slightly leaner style than

Chardonnay from nearby regions, the cool foggy mornings are tempered by luxuriously warm afternoons to achieve fruit maturity without loss of depth or suppleness. The juice was fermented in a combination of stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels to produce an intricately layered wine with delicate complexity and style.Enticing aromas of ripe asian pear and warm apple pie are woven with layers of pineapple upside-down cake for a luscious entry to this nuanced wine. Nutmeg brown spice and traces of coconut complement the lush vanilla-cream palate, while a gently defined acid edge lifts the structure for a brilliant finish.


wallace brook cellars  Wallace Brooks Pinot Noir

Wallace Brook Cellar’s Willamette Valley Pinot noir has been produced from time to time since our first release, a non-vintage blend of the 1987 and 1988 growing seasons. Today, Wallace Brook Pinot noir continues our mission of bringing diverse flavors and textures into focus, thereby creating a complex, vintagedated Pinot noir at a moderate price.

Growing Season
The 2009 growing season began with three months of above average temperatures coupled with lower than average rainfall. Bud break occurred around April 20th, giving the 2009 season a one week head start compared to 2008. Rainfall increased throughout the pre-bloom period, and temperatures remained higher, resulting in gorgeous bloom conditions and bountiful fruit set. Temperatures spiked into the triple digits in July, but cooled to normal levels for August as we eased into veraison. Sugar accumulation was accelerated at lower elevations leading to a mid-September pick, which we had not seen since the 2006 harvest.

Lack of rain around our picking schedule meant grapes could hang until they reached optimal ripeness. All of our Estate fruit was in the winery by the second week of October.

The vineyards contributing to this Willamette Valley Pinot noir are on two distinct soil types. The sites on basaltic origin, clay-loam soils retain some moisture through our summer droughts, ensuring the development of intense fruit flavors. The warmer, earlier-ripening sites on sedimentary, silt-loam soils produce grapes with great structure and black fruit character. All of the vineyards are located in the northern Willamette Valley.

After hand-harvesting, the grapes were gently destemmed into open top fermenters, followed by a four to six day cold soak for greater flavor and color extraction. The grapes were then inoculated with a commercial yeast and punched down two to three times per day during their 7 day fermentation. After pressing, the wine was transferred into traditional small French oak barrels. This wine was bottled on August 23, 2010.

The Label
The label’s depiction of a rushing brook and lush terrain reflects the temperate climate of Oregon’s north Willamette Valley in which these Pinot noir grapes were grown.Quantity There were 5,050 cases of the 2009 Wallace Brook Pinot noir produced.


naval black portQuinta do Noval Black Port
Quinta do Noval Black Port is a great introduction to this famous wine of the Douro Valley in Portugal. Replacing the LB Port in the Noval lineup, Black is a revolutionary new style of Port, with bright aromatics, freshness of fruit and great balance. Quinta do Noval lies in the Douro Valley in northern Portugal, with steep hillside vineyards along the river valley. This famous winery has produced great Port wines since 1715 and has bottled Noval LB Ports since the 1960’s. The wine is traditionally made in granite lagares from the classic grape varieties of the Douro Valley. Robert Parker considers Quinta do Noval one of the top 3 Port houses and rated Noval Black 90 points. Wine & Spirits magazine rated Noval Black 91 points, considering it to be at the level of many of the region’s best LBVs. We find it a true wine gem!

Quinta do Noval Black Port is dark ruby in color with enticing aromas of black raspberry and lilacs. Rich and full-bodied, it offers bright acidity against flavors of black cherry, black raspberry, plum and chocolate. It tantalizes the palate on the lingering finish.

Enjoy Quinta do Noval Black Port as a dessert wine all by itself or with chocolate, cheesecake or sweet cheeses.